Thursday, January 13, 2011

updates on the children

The other night Hazel sat in the chair with Jason. She turned off the lamp, turned Jason's face towards hers, and whispered, "Look at me." Creepy, yes? (We have no idea where she got this from.)

One of her new favorite words is tabernacle. We're reading Exodus right now.

She is constantly asking to watch snowboarding videos. I wonder who started that?

She still loves to sing Ladelveiss.

She is naturally neat. I went into my room to find she had taken the four little bowls on my dresser with earrings in them and lined them up in a row.

Playing "tiger" is a new favorite: she chases us around the house growling. She also now has a penguin walk.

She tries to hold Klaas and they both drop to the floor like rocks.

Klaas rolls wherever he wants to go and nothing can contain him.

He now screams hysterically if Hazel takes a toy away from him. I can see the future...

The other day we went to get our hair trimmed. Hazel and me. Klaas is just fine with his baldyness. The hairdresser asked me if someone had thinned my hair recently. "Oh yes. My son." (About 3-4 months after I have a baby, about half of my hair falls out.)

Hazel sat obediently for her haircut, but only after we put away the dreaded cape. I think we both look the same, just with slightly more even hair on the bottom.

We're trying to get rid of Hazel's never-ending cradle cap, without scalping her in the process. Luckily Klaas doesn't seem to have the same problem. It's amazing how they have such different skin types. Hazel is super sensitive while Klaas barely needs any special care in that area.

Klaas only woke up twice (around 1am and 5:30am) the last two nights. I think we're getting there.

Hazel informed Jason the other day that his beard is "really big!"

We're making ollie bollen this weekend for a belated New Year's party!


Mary and Jim said...

Sorry we didn't make the olliebollen while we were in Leavenworth! Is Nellie helping?

Jeff.n.Tia said...

Kids do and say the funniest things sometimes, especially kids in the 2-4 age-range! :D Hazel sounds like she must bring lots of laughter! :)

I nanny twins (a boy and a girl) who will be two in February, and from all the kids I've taken care of over the past four years in child-care, I have noticed that girls seem to always have more sensitive skin than boys. That's just not fair huh? Anyway, the little girl I nanny still has lots of cradle-cap, and her brother doesn't.

Have fun with your babies, they sure are adorable!

~Christina S.

Grace said...

Such a cute card. It was a treat to get it in the mail today.

Mary and Jim said...

The naturally neat part is unnatural in our family.

Sophia said...

Thanks for the picture we got in the mail! (I recognized it from off your blog.) It was so good seeing you guys in WA after so long!

Shellie said...

Lucky for Klaas-maybe he will inherit yor skin. Jason and his sisters had cradle cap for a long time. (I was sure that somehow I was doing something wrong.)
I hope that Hazel doesn't ask Jason, if he needs to have a discussion next.

Jason said...

I think Hazel has Jason's skin and Klaas mine. But I hope that doesn't mean that he inherits my skin problems later in life!


Shellie said...

I think I better look for an outfit with tiger stripes for Hazel. (I know you are thinking-really!)