Thursday, December 02, 2010

Inside with a little outside

Winter continues. It's snowed quite a bit up here, a little almost every day. Today it's fairly warm though (in the mid-thirties) so things are getting slushy. We've been doing lots of crafts and hanging out inside after a big day outside on Sunday sledding. Hazel is finally warming up to the snow - she actually walked in it today. The sledding adventure was not met with screams of delight, but rather screams of terror. So we need to ease her into it more I think.

Klaas trying out his johnny-jump-up.

Klaas is just growing and growing. Today he is 4 months old. Amazing! He's turning into quite the little person. He's having fun figuring out his jumping chair and trying to use those ab muscles to sit up and roll over.

Hazel helping Dad work on his snow mountain.

Hazel enjoying pretzels after playing outside.

Hazel seems to have gone through another growth spurt and seems to be going through a development leap as well. She is talking in more complete sentences and just seems to be learning more and more every day. Right now she is very interested in what item belongs to which family member. Also she is "concerned" whether or not Klaas wants whichever toy we are offering him. Usually Klaas "doesn't want it" because Hazel wants to play with it.

She is learning and remembers a lot of the words to some of her favorite songs: The Wheels on the Bus, Are You Sleeping?, The Lord's Prayer, Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc...

Our big guy in his Bumbo.

Hazel using her new snowsuit and jacket to play in some very wet snow. It was in the mid-thirties today, so everything was turning slushy and wet.


Shellie said...

Just wanted you to know that Hazel's bird coat is absolutely darling.
Also-just some random history. The daffodil bulbs are at least great-grandchildren of bulbs from my yard that Jason's great-grandmother had planted.

Aunt Cheryl said...

I just love the photo of Hazel in her red snow suit. What a cutie Klaas is with his little round face, even if I've never gotten to squeeze it. I guess that opportunity will come sometime but it won't be soon enough for me:)
I'm glad the white paper narcissus are coming up so nicely. How cool that's there's such a history!
Love you all.