Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ah, Lordly is the Life I Lead

I run my home precisely on schedule.
At 6:01, I march through my door.

My slippers, sherry, and pipe are due at 6:02.

Consistent is the life I lead.

I love this song from Mary Poppins. I've always thought it hilarious that George Banks is singing about his orderly household while his wife is trying to tell him that the children are missing. And now as a mom, I also find it amusing that while I try to keep things orderly around here so that when Jason comes home things aren't completely chaotic, more often than not things are quite the opposite.

But I keep trying and by the grace of God one day I will get it together.

But not this morning. We came home from the store. Hazel was running around outside for a minute while I brought things inside and tried to put Klaas down for a nap. He immediately started screaming. I left him for a minute to go make some toast for a snack. Then decided that Klaas wasn't going to go down easily, so I went to get him to nurse him since it was actually quite close to his next feeding. Hazel then came running up to tell me she had to go potty. So while carrying Klaas, I brought her into the bathroom to take off all her outer clothes. Then she settles down on the potty with a book and I continue feeding the baby while sitting on the floor. That's when the smoke alarm goes off. Our toaster has a demon. So then I try to run around opening windows and turn on the fan in the kitchen and fan the smoke away from the alarms. All while nursing Klaas and trying to keep him happy.

After it was all done, Hazel said, "Hazel's ears hurt."
Me: "Yes, mine do too!"
Hazel: "Worm's ears hurt." (There was a worm her book.) "Hazel kiss worm's ears." (She leans down and kisses the worm's ears.)

I'm glad we have such a sweet little girl who likes to make sure everyone is all right. Last night she was saying, "It's ok brother. Shhhh" while Klaas was fussing on the car ride home from a friend's house last night.

So even if things aren't always together, I like little moments like that.

*And we are so proud of Hazel, who in just a couple of weeks, seems to have gotten the whole potty training thing down. Yahoo!


Theresa said...

Ahhh, it all sounds too familiar. "For such a time as this..." It is all only for a season, and I know I will look back and miss it - oddly enough!

Sometimes I just imagine our life as a reality show and think about how people would think some things must be staged...'cause they are so crazy. Welcome to our reality! =)

Merry Christmas!

Mary and Jim said...

Keep recording all these crazy moments- I wish I had done a better job of it when you were little!

Aunt Cheryl said...

Gotta love it -- especially the toaster incident. Beats overheating a hot pack in the M/W. Two months later, it still smells worse than burnt popcorn every time I turn on the M/W. I have tried everything -- any ideas?