Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late Summer

We went to the Lentil Festival last weekend. It was fun to stroll around and check things out. Hazel was happy with her balloon and a baggie of goldfish. She also got to drive an old train. Very fun!

Then this week the Haze came down with a little flu. I think we've watched Finding Nemo about 5 times in the last two days. And more Charlie and Lola than I care to say. But at least she's feeling better and Klaas doesn't seem to be sick at all.

Here's our son napping. He is so big we keep expecting him to hold his head up more or be a little more interactive. Then we remember he's just 3 weeks old. And already wearing 3 month size clothes. Trying to carry an 11 pound newborn around in one arm while trying to fix breakfast is a good workout though!

1 comment:

Mary and Jim said...

Looks like she is trying to pass someone in the train! Some big boy! Next we need to see a pic of your biceps!