Saturday, July 03, 2010


We went out for Japanese food for my birthday. Delicious and fun!

Hazel loved the chopsticks and thought they were great for batting at Jason's nose.

They also were good for grabbing the seaweed out of the miso soup. Not quite sure how she did it, but on her first try using two chopsticks she managed to grab some.

I like her.

This is what my mom sent us for our anniversary. Couldn't be more true. At least when it comes to Jason.

Getting ready Saturday morning to head out to the market.

Prior to that, she decided to get out Jason's backpack and head out the door for a hike. Just what floral footie pajamas are perfect for.


Jeff.n.Tia said...

Happy Birthday, I hope it was a fun one! :o) Japanese food sounds yummy, I want some now. ;o)

Mary and Jim said...

So glad you are introducing her to the good things like sushi!

Liz said...

Actually the sushi was not a hit. The gyoza, chicken teriyaki, and edamame were more well received. I gave her a bite of smoked salmon, and she spit it out. We need to work on that.

Mary and Jim said...

Guess we just need to bring her some clams and mussels- those she liked!