Monday, July 19, 2010

New little things

I found a fun new toy: Poladroid. And here's a few pictures from this weekend. We had a little party for Hazel and a few friends so that we could make sure that she had an "official 2nd birthday party" before her little brother makes his debut. We spent the morning at the park playing on the slide and swings, eating pound cake and fruit, and opened a few gifts. That night when Jason was putting her to bed, he talked to her about her day and it made me smile when he told me that she just kept saying "Lily, Evie, slide, SWING, note (for some reason that means 'milk'), apple (she got play food as a gift), bag, CAKE!" I think she had a good time.


Mary and Jim said...

Of course! Who wouldn't have fun at their 2nd birthday party! The 2nd picture down looks just like you at that age. Looking forward to seeing all (4)! of you soon- but give me a couple more days to get ready, ok?

Sara said...

good luck trying to find polaroid film! they don't make it anymore, thus the reason, after kenny used a whole cassette of them, that I don't have anymore!

Cheryl said...

What fun -- she looks like she enjoys being almost two!
Aunt Cheryl