Saturday, June 26, 2010

It has kicked in

The whole nesting instinct...with only about 3 more weeks until the due date. Really, I haven't quite thought about that yet. Will I really be a new mom again with a newborn? Strange. But that's how life is and I'm still here and I've managed to adjust to lots of unusual circumstances in my life. Maybe I should praise God that my worrying hasn't started. I guess I'll just deal with it all when he's born. Also I'm not as stressed since at this point two years ago we were moving into a semi-unfinished house. That made me not so happy. I am LOVING our little apartment that has curtains hung and pictures on the walls AND a bathroom with a door and linoleum.

But at least the house is staying semi-neat and we have cleaned out drawers and are working on closets and all the baby clothes are washed! Right now I'm working on a few little painting projects: the window frames we use in our living room as picture frames, an old gun cabinet that used to be in Hazel's old room in Colfax got moved back in, and we will be redoing the old black dresser in her room. So that's it for painting - though it kind of is a lot.

And there's just a few sewing projects to do, but they're actually belated baby presents for several friends. Whoops. I have a plan for a quilt for the little guy, but I think I'll just work on that slowly over the next few (6, 8, however many) months since I'm not going to kill myself trying to finish the painting and organizing plus a quilt before he comes.

Here's a little snapshot of the progress on Hazel's gun cabinet/bookshelf.

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Aunt Cheryl, Ripon said...

What a great job you're doing on all your projects! Wish I was so motivated just to clean my house. Jason's mom came by tonight and I am sure she wondered where we sit down to eat -- well, food is food and we always find a place. Uncle Gregg just has "stuff" everywhere like it's still tax season or something. He knows what every stack has in it, though, so dangerous to move it. Jason made a gun cabinet into a curio cabinet for me -- still love using it and who would ever know? so enjoy photos of the bookcase for Hazel.
Take care & enjoy all the little stories including what she says / does b/c makes you seem right next door to us! Lots of love.