Friday, May 14, 2010

After dinner

Now that it's warm again, all my pots are back outside. Last night we hung out in the front yard and Hazel got to play with her little friend Sarah from across the way. Of course they had fun running around, finding rolly pollys, and Hazel got to help water the plants.


Checking out the water faucet.

I'm helping!

Looking for the roly poly that was trying to escape.


Aunt Cheryl said...

she is so cute -- love the search for bugs :) and salt waters are still my favorite! sometimes think I should just have a pair myself but haven't gone that ya and looking forward to seeing you some time (?) aunt cheryl

Mary and Jim said...

Has she decided to keep any bugs and name them?

Shellie said...

Are these rolly pollies or other pet bugs?