Friday, April 30, 2010

Our days

In the news here in Idaho, my attitude towards laboring again to deliver another little baby is changing. Yay! I was dreading it (and I still am a little), but after a chat with my friend I feel a little psyched up and excited. It's a marathon and so difficult, but in a way I love the challenge that it brings.

Ever since we found out we were pregnant again, Jason and I were talking about (or rather I would bring up) things that we might want to try differently to make things go more smoothly, especially if this turns into a loooong labor like Miss Hazel. I said to him the other day, "You know, I really want it to be more quiet in the room. Not much talking. It seemed really loud last time." Jason just looked at me and answered, "That was you."

Oh. Yeah.

And here are some pictures of our life recently...

Playing with the candlesticks after dinner.
Reading while eating oranges.

A lonely moose sits amongst the wreckage of mama's sewing.

Hazel carrying her teddy bear on her back. Maybe she's imitating how Jason carries her on his back in the Ergo carrier.


grace said...

I usually get pretty psyched about labor and birth near the end too. Here's to hoping yours goes well. Quiet or not.

p.s.Hazel is looking as cute as ever.

Christine said...

my 2nd labor/delivery/recovery was so much faster and easier than my first, so here's to a quick delivery and recovery for you, too!