Sunday, April 04, 2010

French Bread

I had a nice successful French bread today - woo hoo!

I used this recipe and it turned out wonderfully. If I made it again, I would probably add more salt and maybe salt the crust a bit, but it really was quite good. Mine didn't look as nice as this picture, something to go for next time. I need to find the trick to make a really good crust. I had a pan in the bottom of the oven and added water to it when the bread went in, which did make a good crust, but not as "crusty" as I like sometimes. It was a bit similar to the co-op's salted french in texture, just not as salty.

Anyways, that's that. On to the next attempt!


Mary and Jim said...

Keep practicing! Looking forward to eating your efforts when we come.

grace said...

My jaw dropped in awe because I thought that was your first loaf.
I think I'm going to have to try this recipe. Looks great.

Mike and Kathryn Church said...

Oh my goodness Liz!! Looks professional!!