Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Goodies

We received this wonderful book in the mail today...from my mom. It's to go with Hazel's new ladybug dress that my mom made. I still need to put elastic in the sleeves though. The book has beautiful pictures! (And of course this is what Hazel was for the Reformation Day church festival, though the grouchy part was not planned in advance.)

This morning I made this little sundress for Hazel using a pattern from Made by Rae. Love it! Of course there are mistakes, but that's why this was the practice one. But this overall was a super easy dress to make. This print is actually an old skirt that I got in a fabric exchange a few years ago. I love the floral pattern. I'm going to make her another one in this pattern, with some new fabric I've been meaning to use.

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Mary and Jim said...

Love the dress, Liz! She will be the belle of the ball wherever she goes!