Monday, March 01, 2010

Manly Fabric

Now that I know we're soon to have a little man in the house, I'm starting to look at prints to make the little guy some pants, shirts, and other items. Heather Ross has wonderful prints with a vintage feel, including her Lightening Bugs and Other Mysteries collection, Rabbits and Racecars, and West Hill.

Munki Munki VW Bus
The above print has swimming frogs from the West Hill collection. I already have some prints from this grouping and I might get more to make his quilt. The other prints have horses and goldfish and dogs running around.

And I am now slavishly going through Made by Rae's February posts since they are all about Celebrate the Boy. I think Jason would like it if I made him and the little guy matching shirts.

Anyways, my list of possible projects is now growing...


The Loscutoffs said...

Love the VW bus print! Will would definitely vote for you to use that fabric as much as possible. Too bad they aren't VW bugs... ;-)

Aunt Cheryl said...

I agree w/ the other post -- the VW bus print is the cutest ever. I think that, with the right trim or whatever, you could make a matching jumper or jacket for Hazel and still have her look like a little girl:) Aunt Cheryl