Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dessert and the Sickies

I haven't really baked desserts much lately, not sure why, since I thoroughly enjoyed making and eating the Coconut Cake from my Baking Illustrated cookbook my mom gave me a while ago. I think next up is the German Chocolate Cake with Coconut-Pecan Filling. Can you say, "yum"?

Today is Saturday and we were going to go on a day trip up north to the great city of Spokane, but unfortunately Jason came down with a nasty bug. So he is sequestered away from Hazel. It is so sad; she misses her dad! When he came out this morning after she ate breakfast, she ran over to him to climb on his lap and give him a hug. She was so fast I couldn't catch her. Poor little girl missed her daddy since she didn't really see him last night. Trying to keep a toddler away from her dad is harder than I thought.

So I think this afternoon Hazel and I are going to head downtown to walk and check out the co-op's Taste of Moscow. Free food samples! Woo hoo!

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