Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Love it!

I just found this website the other day, Cookus Interruptus. Apparently it's quite popular, so I guess I'm just behind the curve. They have great recipes and videos and I love that they're into whole foods and local produce. I'm trying to cook more that way. I seem to be craving just good healthy things right now (along with the periodic need for McDonald's french fries). Today I made a tabbouleh salad and we're having kale and chorizo soup for dinner. I think later this week we'll have a tortellini salad.

Here's a nice picture of kale for ya.The one thing I would just love is to have a staffed salad bar in my kitchen, a la Pluto, a great restaurant I used to frequent weekly when I lived in Davis. It's nothing super exciting, just great huge fresh green salads with any fixing you could ask for! I guess I'd like just to not have to cook, just eat wonderfully yummy foods all day. Hmm...I wonder if I could convince Jason to hire a chef. Probably not since I seem to do just fine most of the time (we'll forget about the not-so-great winter soba salad I made last week and that is still sitting in the seems that if the leftovers don't get eaten within a couple of days, then the meal was not a hit).

Anyways, onto things I'd like to make! I just bought a huge bag of oatmeal to try and make my own granola at home. I've seen a few different recipes online, so I'm not sure which ones I'm going to try.

This one looks great from katie did and also this one from Cookus Interruptus. Either way I still need to get a few things, but thank goodness I have an endless supply of almonds and walnuts in our freezer, thanks to being from the nut capitol of the world: Ripon, California.

I'd also like to take a look at the cookbook, Feeding the Whole Family, from the woman behind the CI website, Cynthia Lair. If anyone has a copy I could look at, I'd appreciate it!

More things I'd like to try:
Chai concentrate from Angry Chicken
Vegetable Yaki Soba from Cookus Interruptus
Another version of the classic salad from Cookus Interruptus
Pita bread
Perfecting naan

Sadly though, I seem to be cooking in spurts thanks to the little one inside my belly. So we'll see how all this experimenting goes. Also how it computes with our food budget since we're trying to be very good and frugal right now and save more moola for those little things that seem to pop up (new tires for the car, dentists, replacing a friend's iPod that we broke, things like that).

How about you? Any new recipes you've tried and love? Any things you've seen that inspire you to cook up great food for your family?


Mary and Jim said...

Your Dad actually did all the prep for me to cook Charleston shrimp on grits- except we had it on rice since neither of us like grits. Blame Anne for that- she made us watch Man Vs Food and it was on that. Not fantastic, but a good easy dinner after work. Kale? don't mention it--- it is officially a weed in our garden.

Mary and Jim said...

I wonder how you concentrated a chair-- you mean chai? And according to the news, "pregnancy brain" does not exist. Just thought you would like to know.

Jason said...