Friday, January 15, 2010

Both worlds

Today was play group from church and as usual, Hazel had a ball running around and playing with all the different toys. One thing struck me though: the girls played like girls and the boys played like boys. Hazel and most of the girls were very interested in the play kitchen, telephone, and baby dolls while the boys were much more interested in riding the rocking horse until it fell over, running trucks around the floor, and just being slightly crazy.

Hazel LOVED the baby dolls and bouncy chair and was very sweet to a friend's 3-month old baby boy. It did make me laugh though that even with her girly interest in the play kitchen and telephone, one thing that really drew her in was the miniature tool workbench with hammers and nails to pound in (complete with a Craftsmen logo on everything or something like that).

So even though she is turning into a little girly girl, maybe a bit of her dad is creeping out here and there.

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Mary and Jim said...

This reminded me of Phillip and Scott bashing and dismembering dolls in preschool. Never heard that you did that! Glad she is developing well-rounded skills.