Saturday, November 07, 2009

Let's see here....

what have we been up to?

We've been going to lots of play dates and moms groups lately. Mostly to socialize Miss Hazel and also so I can see my friends a bit more regularly. Hazel is definitely still at the age when "playing" with other kids means playing beside of them. It's funny to see 5 or 6 under 3 year olds just doing their own thing without really paying attention to the other kids. Until one of them takes something away or inadvertently touches another one.

Jason's been laying some beautiful hardwood floors this week for Keith and Nellie. And I do mean beautiful. I love their floor.

We've been going outside a bit and trying to take advantage of the semi-warm weather before it starts snowing.

We scored some almost brand-new snow tires for half price. Woo hoo!

Hazel's main choice of protein is eggs. She refuses to eat chicken or pork (too hard to chew) and will only eat cheese if it is mixed up with something else (e.g.enchiladas or lasagna). But she is in love with ground beef. Good thing too, since we're getting a quarter of a cow within the next few weeks. And thankfully our lovely friends, Keith and Nellie (the very same Keith and Nellie with the lovely hardwood floors) have graciously offered us some of their extra freezer space. Since I'm pretty sure that 1/4 of a cow won't fit in our freezer.

And we now like to coordinate our outfits with the sippy cup.

What she does when Jason's taking a shower: dumps her toys out and bangs on the door.


Christine said...

Those food choices sound a lot like Maggie's. But, she also loves sausage, and will ask for it at random times...

Sarah said...

I'm glad that you found some room for your beef. The butcher called today and its all done! whoo hoo! I now expect to cut our grocery bill down a third :)