Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grumpy Ladybug

Today was a long and somewhat not-so-fun day. But we still had some good moments: watching the UI Homecoming parade.
And dressing up like a ladybug for the church fall carnival. Hazel had more fun just running around than doing anything constructive, like fishing for a toy. But we ended going home a little early due to a cranky ladybug throwing fits. She fell asleep within 5 minutes of getting home. Poor tired little bug.
Charlie won the infant to 3-year-old costume contest dressed as the Philadelphia Phillies Fanatic!


Mary and Jim said...

She looks so grown-up! And she is the cutest ladybug ever- Good job, Liz!

Aunt Cheryl said...

Didn't get a chance to vote on costume of choice in the first place b/c I haven't checked your site in SO LONG but the ladybug is way cute! I'm glad that you made it even if she did get grumpy by end of the night.