Tuesday, September 29, 2009


finally decided to show up. Today it was about 58 degrees and a perfectly chilly, crisp fall day here. So we warmed up with some chicken curry for dinner.

I was thinking after dinner, while we had our Bible reading and singing, that it's a good thing that God doesn't grade on how you actually sound while singing. We must have been an interesting sight to see: Jason with his hand over his ears so that my singing part didn't mess him up on his, us completely out of tune, and Hazel (who was tired of all this sitting still business) dancing and snapping her fingers next to our chairs. I do enjoy those moments though with our little family.

Here's some new snapshots of the little miss in the bath and asleep on the way home from the Farmer's Market last Saturday.


AnneMarie said...

Oh please, oh please can you get some baby hair gel and do her hair like that when you're here in Seattle?!?


Mary and Jim said...

They make BABY hair gel???