Friday, July 24, 2009

Out into the woods

Barbie and I went out in search of huckleberries this morning. And now I understand why they cost $8.00 a pint - those things are tiny and hard to pick! But we persisted and came home with a good little haul. Mine are now in the freezer, awaiting to be made into huckleberry ice cream for the little miss's birthday next weekend.

It was a great morning - thankfully huckleberries grow in the woods and the shade, so we had a lovely time chatting and picking the fruit while Hazel rode around in the backpack. She loved looking around and we sang some songs together. I thought she wouldn't go to sleep while being carried and she was quite cheerful all morning. But around 11:00, she got quiet, I heard a thump, and then a little snore as she slumped forward, dead asleep. Too adorable, but I sadly did not get a snapshot.


grace said...

I would seriously love to see what deliciousness you make with these guys.

Mary and Jim said...

Wow! So we get to taste some! And glad to hear you are training her early to pick berries. Now she needs the pie making lessons.