Sunday, July 26, 2009

McConnell Ice Cream Social

Ice cream at an historical society, part two.

The Moscow Historical Society had their McConnell House ice cream social today, so we bopped on over for some good music and sweets. Hazel squealed at the goats, sheep, and owls and wiggled around to the music.

She is following in her parents' footsteps and becoming quite the animal lover. Two cats and a dog also live where we are staying right now and every morning when we come downstairs, she squeals, screams, and kicks when she sees Farley or Mischa. So much so that she scares them away. She needs to contain that excitement to entice the little creatures over so she can pet them. Still working on that.


grace said...

We almost came! But napped instead.
Did you take a ride in the horse cart? it was lapping right around our house.

Mary and Jim said...

Looks like she had an exhausting day! When is the Palouse Fair? Maybe we can go with you to visit the animals!

Kayte said...

her shoes!! they are sooo cute!! he he he :)