Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ahhh, life

So we begin the most interesting summer so far. Well, last summer was pretty interesting since we moved when I was 8 months pregnant and were moving into an unfinished house. This summer will be giving 2008 a run for its money.

To begin, our house sold! It's not our house, but the house we've been living in and fixing up for the last year. We are very happy for Jesse and Anna that it sold, but we do wish that the new owners weren't in such a rush to move in. Granted, they're living in a trailer right now. So I don't blame them. So we are "moving" in two weeks. Where, you might ask? Very good question!

The whole conundrum comes from the fact that we are currently looking for a house of our own, but haven't found anything yet. There is one possibility, but even if it works out, it wouldn't be available for a little while yet.

So, hopefully, we will be renting some rooms from some friends for a few weeks. Then if still nothing has happened on the home front, we'll be moving to the oh-so-chic month-to-month rentals in Moscow. Woo hoo! And our things can stay in our basement with the new owners for a little while, so at least we don't need to move everything twice. Hopefully.

Prayer would be much appreciated for patience and guidance for us. Also that the Lord would bring us a home of our own soon so we don't have to move all over the countryside. Of course if that's what He has for us, then we will build character and tote little baby girl to several places before settling her into her own room for good.

So that's our little update. And if you're in our area on the July 11th, stop by to check out our awesome garage sale. There is a city-wide garage sale that day, so it's a perfect opportunity to look for great bargains. Last summer we found some great treasures, including a neato croquet set. It's still in the basement waiting for its own lawn to play on.


mavis said...

House hunting! I love house hunting. I just drove across town last night to look at one for a friend because I couldn't resist. Enjoy yourself, it's the best. I hope you find what you've always wanted.

And if you google map (street view) this address you can see my favorite house in Moscow. It's this tiny bit country in the middle of town.

750 Homestead St, Moscow, ID 83843

Someday I am going to stalk them.

Mel and Will said...

I am really glad to hear the house sold so quickly! I'm sure it must be hard not knowing where you are going to live, though. We will definitely keep you in our prayers during this time of transition. Hopefully the perfect house will "pop" up sooner than later.