Thursday, May 28, 2009

Growing up so quickly

We're having some camera issues around here. Or more accurately, computer issues. So there aren't any new pictures of Hazel to post.

But just in case you needed your weekly Hazel update....

She is crawling all over the place, climbing on the furniture (though she can't quite get up onto the couch yet), and jabbering all the while. We love it when we put her to bed and we can hear her talking to herself for a good few minutes before falling asleep. And of course in the morning, we are greeted by a (usually) cheerful little girl who is telling herself stories even before 7am.

Her latest trick is to pull herself up in her bed and stand there yelling until I come get her. She just did it this morning for the first time. She's been trying for weeks to reach the edge of her pack and play, straining and straining, and I guess this morning she finally figured out a system to get up.

So it seems that even tying her in her blanket can't keep this little wiggler down. She has either kicked or pulled her blanket off the last few naps.

Peek-a-boo is hilarious.

And with her 10-month birthday coming up in a few days, still no teeth.


Shellie said...

The description makes me realize how much I miss Hazel.

Mary and Jim said...

Who needs teeth when there are so many other things she is learning to do?

Aunt Cheryl, Ripon said...

hey, that's okay--they'll come in with time. At least she doesn't have two rows of teeth like Eric had:)