Monday, April 06, 2009


It's sunny! So lovely and warm! Hazel and I went for a walk to the post office to mail some Dutch Girl fabrics and then stopped by the park for a swing ride. A good time was had by all.

I'm just hanging out now, listening to music, the dishwasher, and Jesse installing our dryer duct, with the front door and windows open - thank God that spring might just be here. I'm already excited about the Renaissance Fair coming in one month! Now some in Moscow may consider the Ren Fair strange or odd or full of hippies. True, but not as much as the Hemp Fest. But I still love it! It must have something to do with my childhood and the fact that my parents took us to fairs all the time and different county fairs when we were camping in the summer. Can't wait to take Hazel!

Staring at the ground while swinging. Mom had to remind me to take my arms out and hold them up.

Yum, plastic swing that a thousand kids have been in.

Avocados! You people eat this for fun?


Mary and Jim said...

love the avocado face- don't worry- she will be eating California burgers sooner than you think!

Aunt Cheryl said...

Hi, guys--haven't gotten on the computer much w/ it being tax season and all so loved playing "catch up" with the adorable photos. Glad you could take in a concert in Moscow and that you have such a pleasant fan (Hazel) even when it's late. Loved the nibbling on the very clean swing--guess we all survived that (and the first try of avocado, mango, spaghetti squash, etc.) I still haven't eaten bok choy so that's on my list of "foods to try". Love ya, Aunt Cheryl