Monday, April 20, 2009

Any ideas?

I've decided I need to get some new "nicer" shirts and tops for this summer so I don't spend the next 4 months just wearing yucky old tank tops. But I can't seem to find anything I like online, they seem to all just be t-shirts. Any suggestions for shops?

Of course, cheap as well as nifty is what I'm looking for.


mavis said...

i've always wanted to find *one* vintage dress pattern that i loved and then wear it like a t-shirt. just throw it on. and then whip up a new one anytime i got bored. that's my evil plan to keep me from the lure of the ratty tank top... only that's as far as i've got.
i know. i've got ratty tank top tan lines as we speak.

Iris said...

Tailor one of your hubby's dress shirts into a shirtdress/tunic? Trapeze tops from a vintage pillow case? I'm in the middle of figuring that out for myself. Pull out what you have to see what can be modified; strappy tanks into halters, halters with extra long straps into x-backs, long sleeves to short, etc. I'm a layer-er so I keep a lot of basic tanktop undershirts (both plain white and fun colors) to layer underneath if I find something nice but revealing.

Janae Hale said...

Come to SF and go thrift shopping with me ;)