Saturday, January 03, 2009

We're back!

We made it back from Seattle last night and have turned the living room into a pile of stuff that needs to be put away. Miranda is slowly adjusting to having to share her house with humans again.

Hazel was the perfect traveler, not ever really complaining, and even being so kind as to wait until we got home to make a mess of her car seat.

Note on Hazel's development: We've been noticing over the last few weeks how much better she's been about grabbing things and trying to pick everything up. Those motor skills are coming along quickly! She even held onto her stuffed bear while Anne was bouncing her around, which is quite the accomplishment! My mom got her the little bear at IKEA and it's the perfect Hazel-sized toy and she loves grabbing at it, sticking various limbs in her mouth, and toting it around everywhere.

In summary, we...
  • drove over to Seattle
  • enjoyed good times with the family
  • went snowboarding and skiing
  • watched Mamma Mia!, much to the chagrin of the men
  • visited with Brent and Maria (!)
  • helped my mom and dad move into their new house in Poulsbo
  • rode the ferry far too many times
  • ate at Dilettante - yum for hazelnut milkshake with some sort of liquor in it
  • went to bed at 10:30 on New Year's Eve
  • wandered around downtown
  • stayed an extra day due to pass conditions
  • discovered that Hazel doesn't enjoy it when I drink lots of coffee
  • ate pho
  • played the Settlers of Catan
  • discovered we needed to replace the thermostat in the Subaru
  • drove home in clear conditions

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Alexis said...

OH my goodness is that little girl too cute? I think yes. I love the one of her by the window.