Saturday, January 31, 2009

Car Talk

January has been the month of cars for the S clan.

The month started out nicely enough when we sold the Chevy Luv! Hoorah! A nice man named Dan drove over here from Twisp, Washington and took it off our hands. I'm sure our neighbors were happy to get the eyesore out of our backyard. Of course, we live behind a gas station. So maybe one broken down truck really isn't so bad when you consider the available scenery.

I knew in the back of my mind that Dan was coming on that Friday, but of course I completely forgot the morning of. Thankfully Hazel was down for her nap and I was actually dressed and looking presentable when he showed up. When he knocked on the door I completely panicked at first since I didn't have the title out, we hadn't explained to him that we didn't have the key for the ignition any more, and that the battery was dead.

Luckily, my brilliant husband had told him to bring a new battery. So we march out back and I'm thinking, how in the world am I going to start this truck with a screwdriver and not look completely insane?!? Dan was a very nice man though and even tolerated the fact that I hurridly said, "Excuse me for one moment will you?" and ran inside to frantically call Jason and rant about the fact that I didn't know where a screwdriver was to start the truck. Jason talked me down from the ledge and I confidently strolled out back with screwdriver in hand. Dan didn't even really bat an eye and just accepted this odd twist.

We must have been a site. Dan changing the battery on this rusty truck missing a windshield, then pouring gasoline into the engine while I sit inside on the snow-soaked seat, cranking the ignition with a flathead.

We finally got it started and Dan backed the trailer up to put the truck on the ramp. Since I was the one in the driver's seat, he asked if I wanted to drive it up. I said, "Yes!" But then remembered that I don't really know how to drive stick. He agreed it would be much smarter to have him drive.

But of course we forgot that the truck's brakes don't work and after Dan gunned the truck up the ramp, we both watched it gracefully roll back down. We got out a block at that point to put under the truck's tire.

Finally it was loaded, the money counted out, and the title signed over.

It was actually sad to see it driving away. So many memories. Jason excited to buy his first truck and have a refurbishing project. Driving down the Moscow-Pullman Highway with the exhilaration that comes with the fear that you might die were you to get into an accident. Delivering many a paper to Moscow homes in the wee hours of the morning. Me trying to sleep amidst stacks and stacks of newspapers while Jason calmly asks me to wake up and fold him a paper. Rolling down a hill with Jason chasing me yelling at me to hit the brakes. Retrieving the truck from a junk yard near Potlatch when our apartment manager decided to have it towed. Waking up one morning to discover that someone had stolen the windshield. Driving it to our second apartment, hoping all the way that a cop wouldn't stop Jason for not having a windshield. Also hoping that he wouldn't have to brake during the trip.

Hopefully the Chevy enjoys its new home.

More to come! The sad tale of the wonderful, faithful, and glorious Subaru.

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Iris said...

What a fun, sweet story.