Saturday, July 12, 2008

Making something yummy

We're going to a potluck/bbq tomorrow for our parish, our new parish actually, so we're making strawberry ice cream tonight. Yummmm.

Today was Colfax's city-wide garage sale with Sarah and we all had some great finds! She got some sweet vintage Pyrex dishes, some neato wooden puzzles, an end table, and a plant stand. Jason got a very nice road bike for only $5 (so he's been riding it around town today doing errands for me) and we found some wooden alphabet blocks, baby books, a booster seat, and a little dresser for our bathroom for storage. Yay! Love little finds!

Here are a few pictures from our vacation down to Walla Walla over the 4th of July. Had such a great time, just hanging out, walking around, and eating delicious food.


cheesequn said...

I love that half of the pictures are of food! Hope the baby comes soon!
Your cousin Laura

Elizabeth said...

That's because the food was so fabulous that weekend!

(And I like taking pictures of food.)


Me too!