Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fabric and such

I just love our new fabrics so much that I need to post a few pictures. Super fun, colorful, and summery! I think I might use the ones in the bundle to make a quilt for the baby (if it really is a girl of course, way too girly for a boy).

I love having the shop on Etsy, I just need to be good and keep up with the bookkeeping. I've been a slacker since the beginning of June (not that there's a ton to catch up with), but the thought that the task is still there is hanging over my head. I should work on that today.


Iris said...

Loving the colors and prints!

When is your official due date?

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! My official due date was July 20 - so I'm about 10 days over right now. The longest I can go will be until Monday (the 4th) - so there is an end in sight!