Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Room

I finally am posting some pictures of the baby's room. The pictures aren't that great, but here you go. I need to work on my photography skills.

My chic curtains.

Love this's from Paula!

A detail area of the quilt.

The quilt. I'm really happy with how it turned out, despite the fact that there are oodles of crooked lines. Just loving the green and orangeness.


Kayte said...

hmmm greens and could be my childhood room :) 70's here we come! I am going to find a picture and send it to you!!! love you!! can't wait to meet the baby!!

Kayte said...

oh ya! i love the quilt and the curtains look great!! not to bad on the photos...give yourself more credit:)

Elizabeth said...

So funny - that's what my mom was saying about my color choices. And yes - I remember the avocado green storage bins that we got from you. And the awesome play fridge and stove - I think they were avocado green too!


Carol L. said...

Actually Mandi's baby colors were green, yellow and orange! The good thing now is that all your furniture is lead-free verses us poisoning our kids! How did you all turn out so well?????
We can't wait to hear your news!!

Mary and Jim said...

Don't all of us from that generation wish we had saved all that avocado, green and orange stuff! We could pay for our grandchildrens' college on e-bay! Kayte- make sure you show these pictures to your mom. Glad it is done, Liz! Looking forward to seeing it- but more so you and Baby Shoe- VERY SOON! (See if you make Dad miss the Ballard Seafood Fest this weekend)

paula said...

Oh, I LOVE it -- the colors look so good together!

Alexis said...

That quilt is fantastic. I want to see your new place!

Elizabeth said...

We will have you guys out once the baby comes!

lindsey said...

hi liz!
love the curtains, and the quilt is super-cute. i see kaffe in there - good job! =)
so excited for baby to (finally) get here!

Bethany said...

Amazing quilt! I love it! The curtains are super-cute too! way-to-go!