Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Crafts and the Indoor Garden

Well, this is my little porch garden moved inside since it snowed yesterday morning (note the lovely beach towels protecting the carpet).

While I am appreciating the fact that it's not super hot yet, I would like summer to come along sometime soon!

And here are some things I've been making for the little one:

a boppy pillow cover

a roll-up changing pad for the diaper bag

and bassinet bumper pads.
I can't believe that we only have 6 more weeks until the due date!


grace said...

Such cute crafty things Liz!
I love the pattern on the fabric you used to make the changing pad. Joanns doesn't carry goodness like that.
How very exciting, 6 weeks. Time flies when you're having fun. :)

Elizabeth said...

Yup! I love that fabric too - it's Kaffe Fassett (one of the ones we have in our Etsy shop - well we need to order some more). It makes me very sad that Joanne's doesn't carry fun fabrics...