Saturday, May 10, 2008

Schmuck? Really?

Well the craft night went great! We had quite a few ladies come by to say hello and check our fabric. It was a great time to hang out and chat (seems to be my favorite thing to do lately)....

And right now I'm staying up late because I didn't get my act together earlier and make my dessert for a potluck tomorrow. I can smell the baklava baking, but I just want to go to bed! It's 11:30 and I'm tired. Luckily my mom is visiting and she was helping me out with the prep and assembly.

Here are some pictures of the house-in-progress. And here's something for you: the park in town is called Schmuck Park. Huh.

The texturing is all done and the primer will be going on this next week - then it's painting time! I need to go and get some samples to try out; still not totally sure what I want to do. There'll also be a new roof and new windows in this summer - hoorah! And the siding is getting re-painted and replaced where it needs to be (Anna's thinking maybe a good chocolate brown). Of course there are a host of other projects, but those are the biggies. The kitchen cabinets should be coming in about a month and then the counters and then we're in! Maybe these pictures will only appeal to those home-remodeling types, but here you go anyway.



baby room.

baby room.

our room.
arch into hallway. baby room on left and ours on right.
living room. office on the left.
kitchen, facing the dining area and the laundry room/back porch is to the left.
kitchen, facing out towards living room.

front porch.


AnneMarie said...

I remember a dark and stormy night just a few weeks ago that involved phyllo dough, a late night and Mumsey...glad I broke her in for you and I think we are super related with the procrastinating on food thing. ;) Remember the Halloween costumes and Christmas dresses that were always finished on October 30th and December 23rd when we were girls?? Guess it is genetic. Happy Mother's Day!

grace said...

Oh liz this is so exciting!! (I watch my fair share of HGTV) So cool it is a very nifty house indeed.

Mary and Jim said...

OK- blame the procrastination gene on me. Thanks for a really fun and relaxing weekend, Liz & Jason!

Alexis said...

Oh man! I just realized that I didn't get to go to the Dutch Girl Fabrics Release Party! Dang! I'll have to go check out the Etsy again...

mavis said...

this is great, now i don't feel so bad about my pile of a house. you got your hands full baby. when we moved in here with our 1 month old i thought, "eh, it just needs a little paint." ten gallons and 3,000 dollars later and i am still going stark raving mad. and your dog is named miranda? too funny.

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