Wednesday, April 16, 2008

april snow showers

Well, it's April, and spring still has not sprung. We got a lovely little taste of what spring would be like this past weekend when it was in the 70s, but then on Monday it went back down to the 50s and has been snowing off and on. Luckily it's not sticking at least!

Yesterday was Jason's 26th birthday! Tonight is the actual celebration and we're having a few friends over for shepard's pie, some lovely fresh asparagus, fruit (can't get enough of the strawberries), and some chocolate Bailey's cheesecake for dessert! So I'm going to have to take off from work a little early to finish everything up so we can eat at a semi-decent hour.

This Saturday is the Hemp Festival at East City Park, so we'll probably wander on down there to learn about "The Myths Surrounding Hemp" and why it's actually good for you....or whatever they're trying to convince the public of. Not that I support the use of marijuana (to state the obvious), but I like the festival since it's a mini Renaissance Fair. That doesn't come until May and I just love wandering around looking at craft booths and looking at the interesting people of Moscow.

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