Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's amazing....

how I am in a much better mood as of late. To continue on my post from the other day, I must just saw again how lovely it is that the weather is warming up and I am so enjoying my walks to work. Strolling down the street. Can't wait until spring starts coming and all the trees leaf out. Moscow is so beautiful in the springtime. I'll post some pictures when that happens.

The other reason why I'm in a good mood is that I can cook again for my husband and not feel like a complete slacker about the housework (but don't ask him about that basket of clothes that's been on the floor of our room for about 2 weeks without any progress being made on putting them away). So life is good! Baby is growing, next ultrasound is in one week, and I'm busy making baby-related items. Namely a knitted blanket, a quilt, and I need to start on my diaper bag, changing pad, and crib bumpers. But for that we need to pick out the crib first.

So here are some springy-looking pictures from the interweb - to cheer away those winter blues (if you have them like I did).

Some almond trees in bloom in China.

A farmer's market somewhere in the US.

The California poppy.

Almond trees in bloom in Spain.

A little closer to home, the lovely Palouse.

The Administration Building at the
University of Idaho.


Anonymous said...

California grows 90% of the world's almonds... hmmmmm

Anne said...

I read that the second trimester is the "honeymoon period of pregnancy" Congratulations on feeling better and the sunshine!

Elizabeth said...

To answer your unstated question, I have posted on here almost every picture found on of almond that is why there are pictures of Spanish and Chinese almond trees.