Friday, February 08, 2008

I Heart Valentine's Day

But not for the normal reasons. I was just listening to one of those annoying jewelry store radio ads in which the husband is the best husband in the world because he buys his wife some expensive necklace for Valentine's Day. "I wish I had a husband like Brian! He buys Carol jewelry from Nameless Store!!!!" Uggh.

I have to say that I really do like the holiday, but not because of the "romance" of the holiday. Growing up it was always a special day. My dad would buy my mom flowers and they would buy each of us candy and my mom would set the table for dinner with special settings and a red tablecloth. It was fun. My brother and sister and I would make Valentine's Day cards for everyone; it was just a fun little day. (Which reminds me, I should mail some cards to my family this weekend.)

And even though I've been married for almost 3 years and Jason and I were together for 5 years before that, Valentine's Day usually was just another day. We might go out to dinner or he might surprise me with candy or a flower, but nothing extravagant and it's never been a regular thing. Because it was never a huge deal, I don't get it when I hear some people moan about not having a date on that day.

I think of the holiday just as a sweet day for family, so I get annoyed with marketing people make it into THE HOLIDAY that you must observe and you must have a romantic date on February 14th.

My Pollyanna moment: I hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day...regardless of your martial/dating status.

And please, no more jewelry store ads.

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Anne said...

I think I still have a few of those computer generated cards we gave each other...remember those oh-so-high tech graphics with the dot matrix printer? Good times...especially when we were at Collier with that little kitchen nook with the windows all fogged up from Mum's cooking. :)