Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baby Toys

give me a headache. I understand that the idea behind the brightly-colored toys is to stimulate the baby and interest them in playing with the toy, but looking over several pages of toys online has made my eyes go cross eyed in pain from the colors and the inaneness of the designs. I think I'm going to start making some soft toys for Baby Shoe. And try to only buy toys that don't make me want to throw them against the wall.

And just so you know, I added some links to a baby registry we've started...and they are a work in progress. How are you supposed to know everything that you need for a baby? I've been looking at some checklists online and trying to figure it out. In order to look at the registry though, you'll have to search for us (my one security precaution).

And the REI one is mostly Jason's wish list (I think), except that right now it has one baby-related item and more will be added as we go.


Sarah said...

I got a cute pattern at JoAnn's website for fabric baby blocks. Very cute!

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

forget the lists. You don't need half of what they are trying to sell you. Really, babies are simple creatures. The single thing they need the most of is you. The one item I was SO glad to have was my baby sling. If I ever have another I will definitly do the sling again. It was so nice to keep my son near, while having hands free to continue living. Plus it made nursing a breeze, even in rather public situations.

As for the toys themselves, maybe consider renting? I saw a lady on the Big Idea with Donny Deutch, who started a business renting toys. That way as they grow out of them, or more likely just never gain interest you aren't stuck with piles of primary colored plastic to trip over!

Elizabeth said...

I have some patterns for baby blocks/balls too! I just need to get my rear in gear!