Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Stuff - Strollers

Ok, baby stuff time! I thought I'd post some pictures of some of the things we're thinking about getting for little Baby Shoe.

One of our great debates right now is for a stroller. We like the idea of a jogger, but neither one of us wants to shell out a lot of money now for a single and then in two years or whatever buy another one to accommodate this baby and the new addition. But we do like the sturdiness of a jogger (for walking over uneven ground if we go to a park or something) and that you can buy one that converts into the behind-the-bike pully-thing.

The other stroller we're thinking about is the Phil and Ted's inline stroller that easily converts from a single to a double (whenever you might need that second seat). It comes initially as a single stroller
and if you have a second child to fit into the stroller, the double converter kit makes it much more accommodating than a normal double stroller (which can be so wide that you can barely fit through a normal shop door). Several people I know around here have one and rave about it, though some of the online reviews say that if you have a tall toddler, they are kinda squished in the backseat. I've seen some regular sized kids in both the front and back and they fit, so I'm not sure how big of kids the reviewers are trying to fit into the stroller.

It is a sturdy stroller from doing a little test run with one of my friend's, so that's not a deterrent and I think it would handle quite well on little hikes through the woods.

So those are our thoughts so far.


Tiffany said...

I absolutely LOVE the BOB jog stroller and can't say enough about how great it is. It rolls so very smoothly and is so great for walks on any surface--including snow and ice. We created a "stroller co-op" with S & T, so we gave them $ towards their double stroller and we're using the single. You may be able to work something out with a friend. Or, have you checked Craig's List?

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

I agree with the above commenter. Check out Craigslist. You may be able to get a really great deal!

BTW - hope you don't mind but I've been lurking around your blog. Congrats on the baby!

Elizabeth said...

It's not so much the money thing as the size factor of the typical double stroller.

I guess that I just don't like the double joggers period, so if we did go for a jogger now, I would get something else for a double later. They're just so HUGE!

Elizabeth said...

And I don't mind you hanging around - feel free! Makes me feel popular that other people read my blog!

Abby said...

Hey Liz,
There is also a local version of CRaigslist that has some cheap baby gear called Palouse Ads.

I couldn't afford to get Phil & Ted's jogger, but I don't think Eliot would like it as much anyway. It doesn't seem like he would be able to see very well. Maybe that's just my opinion. I got an $150 Instep stroller from and I love it. So I've never looked back. (There are only like 2 doors down town that I can't fit into. So it doesn't bother me.) I definitely recommend jogger strollers for Moscow. We have awful sidewalks and gravelly roads.

Elizabeth said...

Good point about the crappy roads in Moscow. :)

Kayte said...

hey liz

the other thing to do is check out baby consignment stores...don't know if they have any in moscow area but there are a few around me if you want me to check :) oh and i will take pictures of grandmother's blankets today hopefully...and email them to you :)

Sarah said...

I have the BOB double and its a pretty amazing stroller. It's one of the only ones that will fit through a standard doorway and can take really tight corners in a store but also push like a dream on a six mile run. My BOB single I sold to Tiffany and it was great as well. I think if you're not planning to actually run with it, the Phil & Ted is a nice sturdy multipurpose stroller.