Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I love this site.

They have the best shirts.

This one is probably my favorite: the Communist Party.

But here are some other ones.
I Heart Color

Moby was a consumer

I forget what this was called.
Something like, How'd You Become a Pirate?

Spaghetti Western


Wesley said...

don't you love threadless? rachel's sister's roommate had a shirt on there.

Sarah said...

Omigoodness! Those shirts are hilarious! Is that Marx with a lampshade on his head?!!!!!!!!

Alexandra said...

Ohmygosh, so I am totally wearing the Communist Party as I type this!
Every time I wear it to school all the kids think it's the greatest... and it is! Such a good site!

Jason and Elizabeth said...

I need to buy one! Will do that soon!