Monday, December 03, 2007


Ok Sarah, this one's for you (no more Dust in the Wind)...

5 random things about me:

1. The summer between my junior and senior year in high school, my friend Wes, my sister, and I decided to start a company. After several hours of trying to decide what to do, we came the conclusion that since none of us has green thumbs, we should sell herbs in pots at farmer's markets and at gourmet grocery stores. And the name of our new venture? Edible Stuff.

So we spent our first day of business setting up our "office" in a corner of my mom's office, complete with phone and desk, and designed our business cards. I still have one somewhere. Anyways, we received financing in the form of a small business loan from the Jolley Bank and went down to Home Depot to purchase our seeds, flats, and dirt. A few weeks later, we discovered earwigs had eaten all of our plants. I think I still owe my mom $40 for that. I hope she doesn't charge interest.

Related to this, Wes, Anne, and I had one of the worst days of our lives tearing down an old greenhouse with my dad. It was over 100 degrees before lunch time, the thing was completely rotted, and we were working in waist-high pokey weeds. And it was a complete waste of time since the thing was too old to be put back together and use for our herb business (which was the plan in the beginning).

2. I used to ride my bike down to the San Leandro public library after school several days a hang out. I would bring my spending money since the library had a little snack cart and after I checked out my books, I would sit and read and eat about 3 candy bars in one sitting. The lady would always compliment me on my homemade vest that my mom had sewn for me. This was during the time in my life when I read Nancy Drew books incessantly and would get in trouble for reading during class. My teacher would complain that she wouldn't mind so much, if I was reading something worthwhile. (And how are Nancy Drews not worthwhile?)

3. I really love the Dixie Chicks. (Please no negative comments if anyone hates them.) And I went to my first and only official rock concert to see them play the summer I graduated from high school with my friend and future college roommate, Melissa. It was awesome.

4. I absolutely love musicals and have a lot of fond memories of watching them with my brother and sister. One time Phillip was sick I, maybe I was too, so we had pulled out the foldout couch in the family room, got my mom to rent Brigadoon, and spent the afternoon with my sister and brother watching movies and eating frozen bean and cheese burritos. (Well, they weren't frozen anymore, we heated them up in the microwave.) Another time we were watching Singin' in the Rain and the end ballet scene came up withe Broadway Melody montage. Phillip told me I danced really well the way the Charleston dancers did, so I had to get up and show him and his friend Scott the routine.

5. My family likes to pretend that they're Swedish. We have no Scandinavian blood in our family tree (as far as I know), yet because my mom spent her senior year of high school in Sweden, we celebrate Saint Lucia Day on December 13th. You make lussekatter (breakfast rolls made with saffron) and my sister and I would take turns being St. Lucia and bring my dad breakfast in bed, while wearing a white nightgown, red sash, and wreath with candles on our head. My brother was the Star Boy for a while, until he deemed it beneath him to carry a wand and wear a pointy hat. We also always decorate with a lot of straw ornaments on the Christmas tree. Every day after Thanksgiving we go to Nordic House, a store in Oakland that sells Scandinavian goods and food. I still love that oddity, but Jason just thinks it's weird. And he needs to work on his love for lussekatter.

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bethany said...

yess... I love the dixie chicks too! not to mention that i'm from texas, and i love george W. haha

Jason and Elizabeth said...

george w. george w. bush?

Sarah said...

Okay, how lame of me to just get to reading this!! I love musicals too!!! Brigadoon! Singin in the Rain! Kiss me Kate! White Christmas... The list goes on and on. The meme was definitely worth it to learn this about you Liz :)