Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reformation Sunday

Sunday, for the uninitiated, was Reformation Sunday. Our parish, like many of the others in our church, had a potluck after church and it was wonderful. Not only was the weather beautiful, crisp, fall weather, but the activities were terrific.

First off there was a foot race (for small, medium, and large categories). The "small" racers, all about 4-6 years old, misunderstood the instructions to run to a chair, go around, and come back. They reached the chair, and kept running around it, endlessly, looking confused until we all shouted at them to come back!

As for yours truly, I came in....wait for it....dead last in the "large" division. Oh yes, I am keeping up my reputation of being nonathletic.

They also had a Pabal Bull pinata for the kids to break up. Yes, watching the kids take whacks at the pinata was fun, but my favorite part was the name.

It was a good afternoon.


Sarah said...

That sounds like a fun party. We spent reformation Sunday sleeping in because we had to call the cops on our neighbors Halloween party and spent most of the night trying to fall back asleep. Such a bummer!

Jason and Elizabeth said...

That sounds pretty interesting too! We've had to do that once on our neighbors...a house of girls having very loud parties. On a weeknight no less.

paula said...

Okay, I finally took the nerd quiz and I was a 41 ("slightly nerdy"). Not bad, considering I work around scientists all day! I think I got most of the science questions right but lost points for having a clean room and no biohazard symbols. :)

P.S. I have a little blog giveaway going on that you might be interested in.