Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Wednesday and Thursday

Yesterday we went out to our monthly girls at work lunch, and this time was West of Paris. Delicious. I've only eaten small meals there, never the whole shebang, but every time it is excellent. I had the quiche Lorraine and a house salad, and a crepe poire something Helene. All very good. Especially the pear crepe with a chocolate-hazelnut sauce and ice cream. The one bad thing was that we were having such a good time, we were there for 2 hours. (Felt slightly sheepish, but at least we all enjoy our lunches, right?)

Last night I made a fabulous blouse out of some fun fabric (I think it's Amy Butler). I'd never made a shirt before, so I went for a very simple pull-over tank top, so I don't even have to deal with the sleeves. It turned out quite well I think. (And I'll post a picture when I find my cable for the camera.

And I cleaned out the fridge too. Talk about scary. I found no less than 6 science experiments gone awry and about to take over the fridge. I did it while Jason as at a Greyfriar's meeting, so he didn't have to see the frightening leftovers. (He is almost more scared of mold and fuzz than I am.)

And today, it's raining and pouring, and somewhere, I'm sure, an old man is snoring.

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