Friday, October 05, 2007


I'm sitting her at my desk, sipping some delicious coffee in a University of Idaho mug and eating a blueberry muffin, compliments of my co-worker Merilee's birthday.

This morning is beautiful; it's completely foggy, like back at home. So I'm relishing my cozy morning in my corner cubicle, wishing that it was just a little bit foggier, like the Tule fog.

I like autumn mornings.

Moscow is gorgeous in the fall when the leaves turn, but I still wish my front yard looked like this.


paula said...

I loved the fog this morning!

(Made me realize that I need to pull out my scarves and mittens, was 36 degrees when I left the apartment.)

Anonymous said...

You miss tule fog??? OK- maybe you have been gone too long from the valley. That is one thing I will be VERY glad to leave behind. NOT as glad as I will be to leave the dust however...