Monday, August 20, 2007

Jason's Latest Table Saw Incident

On the 8th, Jason ran his hand through a table saw again. And it was the same hand as in 2001. So we had a pretty interesting Wednesday complete with hand surgery to reconnect a tendon in his middle finger. Thank the Lord it was no where near as bad as before.

He still has the whole finger and it will still do everything a middle finger is supposed to do, but he may not have a finger nail, since the saw went right through where the nail generates.

So you can pray that he will continue to heal quickly and be able to get back to work soon.

If you want to, here's a link to a picture they took during surgery. WARNING: This is very bloody and contains images of a VERY ripped-up finger. DO NOT look at this picture and then come back and complain to me that it was gross. IT IS GROSS and I know this. I claim no responsibility if you feel sick to your stomach or can't finish your dinner.

Jason's table saw hand.


Anne said...


(just cause you told me not to say anything :) :) also, seriously my mind had conjured up way worse injuries - glad it is healing)

Wesley said...

i'm with anne...not as bad as i had imagined what with all the caveats of blood and gore.