Wednesday, July 18, 2007

hot salmon, hot dogs, hot cat

Some random goings-on for you all. Last night we went to a salmon bbq at UI with the Keyes. Delicious salmon roasted over alderwood; I wish I had had my camera to take some pictures. I felt like were either Indians in the Pacific Northwest, or Swedish in Sweden. (You can pick.)

The other day we had a girls night bbq (hot dogs roasted over the fire) and movie night out at the Reagans. It was great, not only because of the food and funny movie (Kitchen Stories), but because of the fellowship too. Kitchen Stories was great...Swedish researchers have been studying housewives' movements in the kitchen, in order to design a perfectly ergonomic and efficient workspace. Now they have moved on to Norwegian bachelors and studying their kitchen movements. The researchers sit in a tall wooden chair, much akin to a tennis judge's seat, and draw out wherever the subject moves. Definitely a recommend, but I don't know what happens at the end. I had to go home because it was getting late.

The view from Mark and Corinne's deck early in the evening.

The girls, getting ready for movie night oustide on the deck at Corinne's...

The view off the deck of the TV and the Palouse.

Some new fabric I bought the other day. Some will become chair cushion covers, some will become a dress, and some...who knows what else.

Miranda, trying to stay cool on a very hot day.

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