Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moving and such...

Well, we are all moved into our luxurious new apartment. I feel very blessed that we could afford to move and setup house in this new place. The rooms are so much bigger and we actually will have a "presidential suite", as Wesley likes to request when he comes to visit, for guests in our office. Once we have things somewhat in order, I'll post some pictures. Hoorah!

In other news, we'll be making a brief sojourn to the land of almonds, walnuts, and horrible summer heat. In July we'll head down to Ripon for a little bit o' visitin' and seeing everyone and celebrating Anne and Nate's wedding with the California folk.

Here are some pictures of the view from Mark and Corinne's deck and the girls at Keith and Nellie's wedding. That is all. Carry on.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I was trying to get one like that of the Palouse. E-mail it to me- Love, Mom

isaac.grauke said...

Liz, you are now linked from the Grauke Blog. Expect lots of traffic.