Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm sick...

for like the umpteenth day in a row. Seriously, I was sick like 3 weeks ago and still am. Tired of not being able to taste food. Though I am feeling much better after sleeping Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. This did help my cold, but made for quite the boring weekend. Miranda and I bonded. And if you've ever spend 3 days bonding with your cat, you know your life has taken a serious turn for the worse. They have the most boring lives ever.

But tonight we're going over to Amaanda's for dinner, I'm back at work and not hacking all the time, and Melissa is coming up to visit this weekend! Hurrah! She decided she needed to get some Idaho into her summer and is jetting up for a few days and leaving her glamorous California life behind. Sad that Vasiliy can't come, but I'll still take her.

So Farmer's Market this Saturday, woo hoo! Jason's sewing some jean bags (I love my crafty husband) and maybe some bow ties to sell. I need to make some other stuff myself and start thinking about packing. We're moving in two weeks! Yay! I cannot wait for the dishwasher....halleluia!

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paula said...

Glad you're feeling a little better - missed you at the potluck last Sunday.