Saturday, May 01, 2004

Elizabeth's Blog 101

I didn't even know what a blog was until about one week ago when my fiancé started one up. I thought to myself, "Hey - this would be a good way to waste time when you should be writing some essay dissecting the socio-economic ramifications of the Communist system in Hungary!"

So - hopefully this webpage will be somewhat interesting to read. The title was inspired by a Jason's blogpage in that this page's title also comes from a song. Late Night Over Pancakes is in the first line in Table for Two by Caedmon's Call. Great song about waiting for God to show you what He is doing in your life and not to be impatient with what we think should be happening. After all:

Well this day's been crazy
But everything's happened on schedule
from the rain and the cold
To the drink that I spilled on my shirt
'Cause You knew how You'd save me
before I fell dead in the garden
And You knew this day
long before You made me out of dirt.

Bonne lecture!